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In the heart of Montana, surrounded by wildlife, you can learn to take your taxidermy to a higher level!

Welcome to Taxidermy Workshops with Shawn Dawson.

If you’re a beginner or even a seasoned taxidermist but want to step up your skill levels in your craft, the best way to do it –by far– is one-on-one instruction. You can learn from books and video, but you can’t stop a video and ask the instructor if you’ve done it right. In Shawn’s one-on-one courses, you’ll get direct feedback and you won’t move on to the next level until you know your work is correct.

Shawn has participated in taxidermy competitions for many years, finally garnering one of the best awards you can win from the National Taxidermists Association, the Award of Excellence. After receiving that award, he became a certified judge for the NTA, and now travels to shows around the nation, judging those same competitions. So you’re learning one-on-one from a guy who’s been around the block a bit. Shawn has had a full-time taxidermy business for 17 years, and has competed for many of those years. You’ll get not only a competitor’s perspective, but also a judge’s perspective as you’re putting your piece together.

If you want to learn the basic techniques, you and Shawn can go through a complete deer head procedure in a five-day workshop. If you want to learn more advanced techniques, you can study casting ear liners, casting septums, competition-level eye sets, and so on. If you want in-depth instruction, Shawn offers a full six-week course covering subjects such as game heads, life-size, habitat, rugs. You’ll learn how to make realistic rocks, ice, snow, water scenes, composition, design, and everything else it takes to enhance your life-size piece.

All the pieces you work on are yours to take home; you’re not working on projects that belong to Shawn’s customers.

Shawn has been where you are. He went to nine-week general schools and learned some taxidermy, but his work didn’t really improve at the competition level until he took one-on-one training. That’s when the blue ribbons started to come in.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skill set without competing or looking for the recognition awards can bring, this is the way to do it. Learn one-on-one with Shawn Dawson.


2018 courses are filling up fast. If you want to get in this year, give us a call now. All courses have one-on-one instruction with Shawn Dawson.

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What My Students Say…

I would recommend Shawn’s workshops to any level of taxidermist. If you’re just starting out or if you have been doing taxidermy for years, Shawn Dawson is all a student could ask for in a teacher. --Justus Hilbig