Tuition for a five-day workshop is $1,800. Specimens or manikins not included (*see below). All other incidental supplies are provided, including glues, clay, apoxie, paint, etc. You will go home with one medium sized mammal. You can specify what mammal you wish to mount.

Taxidermy expert Shawn Dawson’s Mammal Course will help you learn:

  • Proper measurements
  • Correct skinning procedures
  • Fleshing, salting, tanning yourself
  • Ordering correct form
  • Skin and form preparations
  • Altering form for fit and for pose
  • Proper mounting techniques (strong emphasis on eyes, nose, ears, lips. Also anatomy, symmetry)
  • Second day detail work, grooming, etc.
  • Finish work (rebuilding fleshy areas, airbrushing)
  • Assembling armature for base (wall or floor). Habitat is a whole separate workshop!

Tuition for 10-day mammal workshop is $3,000 plus specimens. Students will mount two mammals and a rug. This course will also cover open mouth techniques. *


Specimens * Market Price Mannikins and Eyes
Fisher $125 $100
Badger $125 $100
Fox $125 $125
Bobcat $300 $125
Coyote $125 $175
Black Bear $300-$1000 $600


Cost for a rugshell and eyes $125 Furs available for rugs are the same price as mammals.

A $500.00 deposit is required to secure your spot.


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What My Students Say…

My wife purchased a one week class for my birthday present. Wow, best present ever! --Ernie Glenn